25th SALAMAT Mission  September 2019
Kadugli, South Kordofan


Salamat AGM

AGM has take place on 6 July 19 at Chancellor Hotel /Manchester, It was well attended.

A new executive were voted in as follows:

dr Mohamed Amass President

dr Areeg Abdelmabood General Secretary

Dr Mohamed Mohydeen. Finance Secretary

Dr Abdul Raheem Shaddad. Academic Secretary

Dr Walled Ahmed Membership Secretary

social Office. Sawsan Elhuda/ Ola Ahmed/ Hala Omran


Salamat Skype meeting: 28/4/19

the meeting attended by most trustees/ discussed upcoming AGM in Manchester. Preparation are on going, we call on all members to take part & attend, so we can have a successful & enjoyable meeting. Invitations will be sent shortly.

Next meeting will be on Friday 10/5/19 7pm


Salamat AGM 6/7/19

Salamat AGM will take place on 6/07/19,

Location: Manchester


Sjda Spring event

Date: 20/4/19

Please find the final program here  Download




Shoulder Arthroscopy Course



Convoy to Merowe north Sudan

Salamat medical Convoy to Merowe north Sudan. 7 February 19. Join the group

اهرامات مروي


Fight against infant mortality

In our effort to reduce infant mortality Salamat Provides training and medical bags to Midwives in South Darfur State – Sudan.



Orthopaedic workshop in Khartoum

The workshop by Dr Majid Omer from Salamat charity organisation is now running

Please contact dr Majid Omer ELtyaib through Salamat office in Khartoum.



Ultrasound Practitioners training – El-Obid. November 2018

Salamat and the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology ISUOG Outreach team has returned to El-Obeid to continue ultrasound practitioners training.

اكتملت الدورة الثالثة بمدينة الابيض لورشة عمل و كورس الموجات الصوتية لأطباء النساء والتوليد 
بمشاركة حصرية بين منظمة سلامات ومنظمة الموجات الصوتية العالمية لطب النساء و التوليد  (ISUOG)
وتم تخريج ٢٨ طبيب في هذه الدورة 
كل الشكر و التقدير لسلامات السودان بقيادة الاستاذ صهيب البدوي و الاستاذة اماني عبد الرازق

الدورة الثالثة بمدينة الابيض لورشة عمل و كورس الموجات الصوتية لأطباء النساء والتوليد