Future Vision

Future Vision


Engaging Sudanese British & their networks and the UK-based organizations in a charitable giving and sustainable capacity building initiatives in Healthcare Sudan.

Our vision for the near future

Following 10 years experience in field work, SALAMAT is now considering a multiple directorates approach within a wider collaborative networks with all individuals, societies and agencies that share the same vision and interests.

We are considering in the near future to increase the number of our convoys to four medical convoys each year in order to allow more people to join during the best time of the year that suits them.

This approach would allow a more flexible and self management of a smaller groups that cater for a wider varieties of contributions and initiatives whether academic, medical, training or community development initiatives.

The proposed model is to operate under different headings such as:

Medical Directorate.

Surgical Directorate.

Eye&Ear Directorate.
Haematology/Oncology Directorate.

Obstetrics/Midwifery Directorate.

Orthopedics/Acute Medicine Directorate.

Medical/Nursing Education directorate.

Community development directorate.

Each directorate will be lead by a smaller number of SALAMAT executives/Trustees to overview the particular project or initiative.Thus opening the door wide to all sorts of collaboration.

If you see any opportunities to contribution in any area please don’t hesitate to join us now.

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