Who we are

Sudanese And London Association Medical Aids Trust SALAMAT is a registered charity in The UK “No 1135747”. Salamat Provides medical, training and educational aid to all parts of Sudan.

Salamat charity work in Sudan involves many aspects, to mention:

  • Hands-on training of medical doctors.
  • Teaching medical students, midwives, nurses & medical assistants.
  • Work in the prevention of avoidable blindness in Sudan: by organizing medical convoys.
  • To treat congenital cataracts in children, senile cataracts in poor, deprived communities.
  • Salamat work in reducing childbirth mortality.

Vision and Mission Statement

Engaging Sudanese British & their network and UK-based organizations in charitable giving and capacity building initiatives in Sudan.


Collaborative Performance with Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism. We promise to deliver all of our commitment to our people, members and donors, with the highest standards of transparency, ethics and compliance.


Salamat Trustees

  • Mr O Nugud FRCS. Consultant Surgeon, Salamat President.
  • Dr G Ali FRCP. Consultant Physician & Nephrologist, Salamat Vice President
  • Mr M Amass FRCS. Consultant Surgeon, Salamat Finance Secretary
  • Mr Tahir El Nieal FRCOG. Consultant O& G
  • Mr Magid Eltayeb FRCS. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Mr A Imam MD DO FRCS. Ophthalmologist, Salamat Secretary
  • Dr Mohamed Mohydeen MRCP Consultant Physician & Gastroentrologist
  • Dr Saleem Babiker MRCP Consultant Physician
  • Dr Nasir Abdel Gabar FRCP Consultant Physician
 SALAMAT visits Date
1Northern StateFeb-07
2North Kordofan StateAug-07
3Nahr Elnil StateFeb-08
4White Nile StateAug-08
5Gadarif, Kassala StatesFeb-09
6Algazira StateAug-09
7Sinnar StateFeb-10
8 Aug-10
9 Feb-11
10 Aug-11
11 Feb-12
12 Aug-12
14North Kordofan StateAug-13
15White Nile StateFeb-14
16 MerwoiAug-14
17 Feb-15
19Port SudanFeb-16

Medical charity organisation

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