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who we are

Sudanese And London Association Medical Aids Trust SALAMAT is a registered charity in The UK “No 1135747”.


Engaging Sudanese British & their network and UK-based organizations in charitable giving and capacity building initiatives in Sudan.


SALAMAT Founders

The first medical convoy to Sudan for this group was initiated  the late president of the Sudanese National Council.



SALAMAT Charity Work in sudan involves many aspects, Hands-on training of medical doctors etc…


SALAMAT values

Collaborative Performance with Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism. We promise to deliver all of our commitment to our people.


Policies & Procedures

Protecting people and safeguarding responsibilities is a governance priority for SALAMAT charity.


Future Vision

Each directorate will be lead by a smaller number of SALAMAT executives/Trustees to overview the particular project or initiative.


Experience With SALAMAT

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”


support us and change the course of a human’s life today!


Salamat Logo

SALAMAT code of conduct

This Code of Conduct expresses SALAMAT’s commitment to consolidate the institutional image of the Association as an example of integrity, accountability and professional ethical standards – relating to SALAMAT members as well as their relationship with the Association and the public.

Salamat Code of Conduct

Medical charity organisation

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